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Hemiks, Serbia - Agricultural Supply Store

The company Hemiks was founded in 1991 under the name PP “Hemiks” Staro Selo. The Company obtained today's organization and ownership structure in 1999, when it formed Hemiks Ltd. for manufacturing and trading, Velika Plana

The founders and co-owners are: Trajkovic Novica, BSc. ing. in agricultural pesticides and food products, with 52% share, and Trajkovic Milina, BSc. ing. in Agriculture technology for livestock products, with 48% share.

The Company’s main activity is wholesale and retail sale of products for plant protection and other agricultural materials. In the field of wholesale, Hemiks supplies about 200 customers, mainly agricultural supply stores, in all areas important for agricultural production in Serbia. Retail trade is conducted in 17 Hemiks agricultural supply stores. The offer includes over 3,000 products for agricultural production.


A company possesses its own products and the following resources:

  • Approximately 1,000m2 of storage space in Staro Selo,
  • Nearly 1,400 m² of retail selling space of which over 500 m² is owned,
  • Office space for commercial-financial and administrative functions in Staro Selo and Velika Plana, in the area of 207 m²,
  • A fleet of 8 vehicles for transporting goods.

Employees: The functions of the Company are carried out by 54 permanent employees, of who 16 are with University education. For the education of its users - farmers, Hemiks engage the most prominent experts - Professors from Faculties of Agriculture in Belgrade and Novi Sad.

The company HEMIKS operates in accordance with standard requirements for quality management systems ISO 9001:2008,which has a certificate number: RS-Q-0623-IR issued by the Company YUQS for certification and quality control systems. Adoption of quality management system means quality of work that meets the requirements of both business partners and other stakeholders such as consumers and government..


Mission of Hemiks

The mission of the company Hemiks is to supply farmers with pesticides and other agricultural materials, applying best practices in the field of agriculture. Our company philosophy is based on the following principles:

  • PROFESSIONALISM OVER SALES - is the main business motto. This principle is achieved by educating customers in the field of integrated production and integrated crop protection, in order that they produce high-quality and safe food, competitive in both domestic and foreign markets. We attain permanent education through:

    1. Lectures - workshops during the winter, accomplished with the participation of University professors and other experts in agriculture - specialized in specific fields of interest;
    2. Recommendations for the protection of crops, based on monitoring of conditions for the appearance and expansion of main causes of diseases and pests, by sending text messages to more than 3,800 addresses,
    3. Making flyers and posters which offer possible solutions for specific problems in plant protection;
    4. Participation (direct or by providing materials) in specialized TV programs, in which we offer a biologically effective, environmentally acceptable and economically profitable solutions to some of the major problems in crop protection;

  • The maximum investment in providing conditions for the provision of beforehand and quality services. In particular, we invest in:

    1. Training and upgrading skills of our employees;
    2. Opening of new retail outlets and equipping of existing ones, to be as close as possible to the buyers;
    3. Vehicles and equipment to supply our own retail stores and wholesale customers;
    4. Development of marketing as a business concept oriented toward customers, based on the information about customers' needs for specific products - services.

  • Constant improvement of efficiency and effectiveness of management through the quality of service, by using a series of standards ISO 9000 and fulfilling the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008

Vision of Hemiks

  • Development of direct import business and representation of foreign producers of pesticides and plant nutrition products.
  • Improving education of users, with a aim to grow our consultancy services.
  • Connecting customers - farmers, for the purpose of joint marketing of their products.
  • Expanding the areas in which the Company operates.
  • Forming teams of experts on chemistry of soil, physiology and plant nutrition.
  • Increasing the capacity of the Company and all service users - customers, to respect and apply standards set by the legislation in the field of crop protection and plant nutrition in the EU and therefore in Serbia.


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